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What's Happening at Cañada? Week of August 24, 2015

USA TODAY College Recognizes Cañada College as One of the Top 10 Community Colleges in Northern California

NorCal vs SoCal community colleges: Who makes the grade?
Surfers vs. tree huggers. Giants vs. Dodgers. Hollywood vs. Silicon Valley. It’s no secret that the unofficial rivalry between Northern and Southern California runs deep, and the list of points of spirited contention goes on — even when it comes to education.
We love a good rivalry. With plenty of unique slang choices and the option of shady redwoods or sunny beaches all in the same state, we knew we had to pit NorCal versus SoCal for ultimate community college supremacy. We took four of the main metrics in our original methodology that ranked all community colleges in California — university transfer rate, student-faculty ratio, affordability and distance education — and compared the 10 top colleges in both regions to see who makes the grade for each metric.
NorCal: A+ for transfer rate
There are three main reasons why students usually enroll in community colleges: some sign up to get a professional certification or vocational degr…