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Redefining Student Success

Redefining Student SuccessCommentary By Jamillah Moore, Published October 31, 2016 Image Page Content While, society widely accepts the importance and value of higher education as a public good, fewer than 40 percent of our nation’s undergraduates complete a college degree within six years, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. This reality places pressure on college campuses to improve time to completion for their students. Addressing the lengthy six-year timeline begins with a broad focus by increasing college completion rates. According to a report by California Competes, California needs to produce 11.9 million degrees – inclusive of bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees and one- and two-year certificates – by 2025 to remain economically competitive. Currently, however, the state is slated to produce only 9.5 million degrees, resulting in a degree gap of 2.4 million.  To achieve real student success, higher education institutions can narrow or close th…

What's Happening at Cañada: Week of December 5, 2016

Half Moon Bay Review: English Language Program Expands to Coastside

English Language Program Expands to CoastsideSequoia School Scholars helps with bus passes, books